Old movie camera,

I offer my services in the field of filming and Motion graphic

Putting the story together into one whole during the assembly process is fun for me, not a job!I am perfectionists, focused on details, that’s why my work is extremely refined.


Promotional videos are a great way to reach your potential customer. Get interested in it with an interesting product presentation. Advertising spots lead the promotion because they contain both image and sound.

My advertising films can be used not only on the website, but also at trade fairs and business meetings.


Recording of concerts, corporate and integration events is another item that I’ll take care of for your company. Company jubilee, prom, or the birthday of your beloved child – this is the best opportunity to capture it. I’ll try to do it efficiently, not impose on guests and try to stay invisible.


Do you do something original and interesting? Have your great idea and you want to show it in the form of a movie?
Contact me and I’ll present you my equipment capabilities and ideas for the implementation of your clip.


The first step is to write down the topics and ideas. Then I develop a script and storyboard.

After accepting all research by the client, I take the second step. In the second step I go into production. Recording days depend on the type of film. Sometimes I spend a few days if I care about specific times of the day or the recording depends on the hours and days of the events.

And sometimes it takes just half a day when for example I record a short commercial spot.

When the film material is ready, I go to post-production or film editing. This is where the magic begins. I make a selection of shots  from source materials and choose the best moments.
It gives the film an interesting narrative, tempo and rhythm, which is why some of the shots are shortened by me and others are lengthened.

Then I make color grading, gives the film an extraordinary movie look that matches the subject matter.

In addition to colors, I can’t forget about music. I try to find the soundtrack before production so that I can see in the imagination what the effect will be more or less. In the post-production, I check which soundtracks fit the most and combine them with the image I am editing. To add clarity, it also adds sound effects.

When the client is satisfied, he gets a video on pendrive or online.


The duration of the entire production is calculated individually due to the time in which I have spend to do so and the client’s deadline.